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We are a new progression guild that aims to start immediately raiding end game content as soon as we can. We accept players who are interested in rift and instance raids. We want players who are interested in understanding the classes they choose to play, preparing their characters and learning the fights and translating that into a successful progression raiding guild.

The founders of the guild all have come from WoW from a hardcore progression guild where we were Core Raiders in that Guilds 10 and 25man raids. We have had experience with 10 and 20 man instances in Rift, and Raiding experince in Guild Wars and LoTRON.
With the back ground in WoW of experiencing the intense pressure of maintaining a top alliance guild on the server we decided that we are not playing Rift to set records we are here to enjoy a steady an even pace and make progress through the end game content.

Note however even though our purpose is not neccessarily to compete with other guilds we are still interested in server firsts when the opportunity lends itself.

For in game interview contact

Sillivrein(GM), Rakshadha (officer) or Greykhn (officer)

Guild rules can be found under General Discussion

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